Health Benefits

Every human being wishes to remain healthy throughout one's life span.

Stress and strain of modern civilization are causing serious issues to the immune system.

Aim of our drink

  • The main aim of this drink is to build good health with youthful vigor of both body and mind.
  • It delays the process of decaying by improving the health of individuals.
  • Many respiratory illnesses like asthma and bronchitis treated in china for more than a thousand years.
  • Many clinical trials have been undertaken to prove ability of yarchagumba to enhance oxygen utilization and cellular oxygen uptake and improve respiratory function. Thus more oxygen reaches every cell of the body, resulting in a better cell function and great energy level.
  • When taken properly, it exhilarates the state of mind, fortitude, vigor and valor.
  • It is known to be himalayan ambrosia. Ambrosia is the food or drink of the Greek gods, often depicted as conferring longevity or immortality upon whoever consumed it.

Yarchagumba (Cordyceps Sinensis Berk)

  • Cordyceps Sinensis is also called winter worm and summer grass.
  • Caterpillar fungus is another interesting name of cordyceps sinensis.
  • It is native of the high Himalayan mountains in Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan.

History of Yarchagumba

  • Yarchagumba was discovered about 1500 years ago in Tibet by Herdsmen.
  • The first Chinese emperor used this medicinal herb as a tonic for a longer life.
  • The Chinese athletes in older civilizations consumed these herbs to boost performance and good health.
  • Recent research has revealed that Cordyceps usage increases both the cellular ATP level and oxygen utilization.


  • It protects our body and enhances our life span.
  • Many studies prove that it reduces fatigue and boosts stamina.
  • This alcoholic beverage when taken regularly is known to improve and enhance libido.

A Boon for Newly Weds

  • Yarchagumba is known to stimulate the love senses (sight, smell, taste and touch) and it's a blessing from the mountains of Himalayas.

Yarchagumba beverage benefits

  • No bad mouth,
  • no gastritis(no acidity)
  • No damage to liver,on the contrary improves liver function....lowers cholesterol, maintains bilirubin,
  • no hang over,
  • anti aging effect
  • Improves digestion,
  • Helps in clearing bowels in the morning,
  • sound sleep,
  • no leg cramps