Chairman's Message

Everest Herbs has the vision & passion for helping people & humanity with the blessings of nature. It is our vision to make Everest Herbs a household name, a trusted partner for head-to-toe solutions, providing scientifically validated herbal solutions for the entire family. Indeed, our products have substantially increased their visibility in several paramount markets globally. We are continuously working to build this foundation stronger.

Our ambition is to go Glocal; To enrich our footprints locally and slowly deepen our roots globally. Our commitment to our core values remains strong. We will continue to operate our business with the highest integrity and honesty. Each person who comes in touch with our business must be delighted with his or her experience.

"Everest Herbs", is a household name in Nepal and is known for its curative and prophylactic values. Herbal products are harmless and do not have any side effects. This science is oriented in the Mountains in Nepal and developed by our ancestors and after a great deal of research - clinical and biological. We bring to you new and innovative products, with the same high quality for which we are renowned. We have a diverse array of herbal products ranging from Yarchagumba beverage, Yarchagumba wine, Yarchagumba vodka, Yarchagumba beer, Yarchagumba liquor, Yarchagumba herbal tea to Yarchagumba herbal spring water and many other nutritional products. We build 100% natural beverages with no added colours and flavours. our colours are naturally occuring from the herbs.

At Everest Herbs, we are focused on business processes such as research, product development, marketing, sales and customer service. I am confident that Everest Herbs will make history sooner.

Thanking you for your unconditional support.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Laxman Shrestha, (Chairman)
And Everest Herbs Family