About us

We have been producing Yarchagumba based products such as Yarchagumba Beverage since 1997. Yarchagumba (Cordyceps sinensis) has anti-aging effects and boosts immune function, improves stamina, cardiovascular function and athletic performance, fights diabetes and improves liver and lung function, increases resistance to various diseases such as cancer, hepatitis and Aids, and considered as a natural aphrodisiac enhancing libido.

We have been receiving positives responses from medical practitioners and people who have been prescribing and using our Y- beverage  in Nepal, USA, Belgium, India, and other countries; benefits they reported are control of cancer cell growth, respiratory diseases and Asthma, increased lungs and kidney function etc. We are now producing advanced level Yarchagumba Beverage blended with special natural ingredients and flavors.

We believe that our advanced level Y- Beverage will be of great help in improving immune system and recovering or curing many ailments in people who are still suffering from the misery and depression. Our Y-beverage having miracle medicinal functions could boost humanity in the affected area.